World Domination Summit 2016

Morning FlightLast Thursday I did a crazy thing. Crazy for me at least. I got up at 3:15AM and took a day trip to Portland, OR to attend two academy sessions at World Domination Summit 2016. I never do stuff like that. I read about it and think it would be cool, but it’s very rare that I actually follow through.

It started a couple of months ago when I got a Money Boss email promoting the academy session that would be hosted by my two heroes: J.D. Roth and Mr. Money Mustache. In true Risky Business “WTF”-style, I immediately bought a ticket. I then figured if I was going to go all the way to Portland for an afternoon, I might as well make a day of it so I also bought a ticket for a morning academy: Think Better, Live Better.

WDS 2016

As August drew near, I all but talked myself out of it. I decided it was only $118 spent on tickets and while it was terribly wasteful, at least I’d “save” on additional costs for such a silly whim. Nonsense. Thankfully I saw sense and planned a day trip.

Upon arrival in Portland, I was straight into a cab and only just got to the Winningstad Theater in time. The speakers – Marc and Angel Chernoff – were already on stage as I made it to my seat. I was overcome with glee and excitement that I was actually there. The messages of positivity emanating from the stage were the icing on top of my already baked happy cake. I was proud that I’d made the effort to just show up and embrace a new experience.

The next two speakers – Mike Vardy and Charlie Gilkey – were all about productivity and getting shit done. I was a sponge soaking everything in. Kendra Wright then moved me to tears during her #YearofFear project speech. Here was a fearless, vibrant, beautiful woman (in leather pants no less), suddenly projecting pictures of herself as a tiny baby given only a 5% chance of survival. A Cerebral Palsy diagnosis still didn’t stop her from facing life head-on and making the most of every second. Kendra asked us all to write a letter to ourselves about one thing we want to achieve, and then hand it to a person nearby who should mail it back to us in two weeks. In my letter to myself I wrote about wanting to do more with this site. Embrace the outlet, and write.

Mr. Money Mustache #wds2016

I broke for lunch and carried that inspired elation until I was in a front row seat for the Money Boss session that originally prompted my Portland adventure. I was easily as excited as a teenage Belieber catching a glimpse of her idol as I first saw J.D. and Pete on stage. Casually dressed and humble, they were still like Gods to me. I was too shy to say a singe word to either of them, and instead just nodded and smiled goofily along through the whole session. I was proud to sit in that audience having come so far from the person who first scrambled around the internet looking for any kind of advice that might help me become better with money. I was grateful for their advice and council over the years. I was blessed to be there in that moment.

Throughout the day, my mind kept wandering to that piece of land in rural Michigan. Could we buy it? Could we actually build a house? Could I one day quit my high-paying job and leave LA? My heart kept answering that yes I could and I left my long day in Portland with renewed determination to execute on our plan.

Best $118 spent in a long time.


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