Tuesday Blue

The Jura J9. A 2012 splurge that pays off with delicious coffee every time we hit that magic button.
The Jura J9. A 2012 splurge that pays off with delicious coffee every time we hit that magic button.

The blue is in the early morning sky as I sit in my backyard with my labrador at my feet, anticipating a new workday. There is a lone wisp of cloud tinged pink with the rising sun. The air is cool and even though we’re still technically in summer, I can feel the change in season. I believe you need to live in LA to experience the season change. Seasons obviously are not as pronounced as they are in New England for example, but the subtle shift is there. The early mornings have a cool freshness about them, and we’ve started to feel a chill in the evening as we enjoy our walk in the park. The sun has more or less gone down before 7:30PM. With all that said, today’s forecast is still expected to be 90 degrees. This is something I love about living here. Not the heat, but the beauty of the cool morning on a September day. The knowledge that the heat will come to an end and we’re only mere months away from the possibility of much-needed rain. The low whoosh of the morning traffic fills the air, birds twitter in the trees, and all else is quiet but for the tap of my fingers on the keyboard. It’s a peaceful way to boot up over a cup of excellent coffee.

Today is a return to work after a lovely long Labor Day break. The weekend started highly productive with completion of overdue household chores. By Monday though, I was listless. I have an end-of-summer cold that I can’t shake off, and combined with that and general malaise (despite wanting to do something, I really couldn’t be bothered), it ended up being a wasted day. Sure I did the grocery shopping and cooked a shepherds pie to cover dinner for two nights. Other than that, I laid around feeling bad that I wasn’t doing anything meaningful reading.

Towards the end of the afternoon I started to feel an anxiety about going back to work today. I thought of all the things on my To Do list that I should have gotten done last week and didn’t. I have to meet with my boss this morning and it’s going to be a 92% made up agenda due to lack of progress on said To Do list. I need not stress though. I know that a couple of hours of focused work will take care of everything currently outstanding. I’m reminded again how the pressure and inner-stress needlessly mounts for the sake of a few hours of getting stuff done.

Back to the Now though, and my labrador hops around with a tennis ball in her mouth and another one between her paws. She is purely having fun in the moment. Now I get to walk her up the hill to the park for some play time and stick chasing before I have to get ready to go to the office. These are simple moments to reflect on how blessed I really am.

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