Who am I?

Born and raised in England, I moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to marry an American (not a random one of course – we were together long-distance for 18-months). I was 23 years old and I joke that I was too young and stupid to know any better. In reality though, I’ve been blessed with opportunities and life experiences far beyond anything I could have imagined growing up in middle class Yorkshire.

15-years later and I’m still living in LA. I have a very good career in the entertainment industry, I’m married to that same American, and we are raising a beautiful labrador puppy.

Black Poppy Tea? 

This is our labrador’s AKC name! Chosen because a) she’s a black lab; b) like the opium poppy, she’s highly addictive and makes us feel good; c) as an English person I know everything is made better with a good cup of tea.

Our little labrador is my inspiration, and a constant reminder to stay mindful and present. She finds joy in the simplest things – taking a swim, a walk in the park, dinner time (of course! she’s a dog!) – and she lives completely in the moment. Finding simplicity is what this is all about.

What else?

I am obsessed with blogs about personal finance. I haven’t always been good with money (and by “haven’t always been good” I mean “I have been absolutely crap”). Finding the online personal finance community was life changing for me. It was educational, supportive, encouraging, entertaining, and has become as much a staple of my morning routine as a cup of coffee for the last 5+ years. I learned to budget, save, pay off debt and generally manage my money thanks to Dave Ramseythis amazing list from zen habits, and JD Roth with Get Rich Slowly. I get inspiration and entertainment from Budgets are Sexy and Save. Spend. Splurge. The deeper education and philosophy set in as I discovered jlcollinsnhan evolved JD Roth and the freedom he created, Paula’s message to Afford Anything, and finally the financially independent cherries that top this obsession: Mr. Money Mustache and Frugalwoods. I don’t know any of these people, yet they feel like family.

This family of great writers and philosophizers has a common thread: purpose. These people know what they want, they take action, and design their lives to meet that purpose.

Over time and reflection I realized that beyond going to work and paying the bills every month, my husband and I don’t really have a purpose. Don’t get me wrong, we are incredibly fortunate in our home and work lives. We live comfortably and we don’t want for much, but (the big BUT) still our life feels like our rented house: month-to-month. Lately, that feeling has been punching me in the face. Even my beloved bloggers have started to feel like a depressing reminder that I’m just not as savvy as they are. They have bought freedom, while I’ve bought into the norm. There is nothing terribly original about my story. The 9-5 urban rat-race sucks and I’m perpetuating ours with my own lack-of-taking-action behavior.

So, we are in the early hatchings of a plan to jump off this directionless ship. We need a simpler life and this is the place to stay mindful while exploring how to get one.

Thank you for reading!